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Niwaki 'Kurumi' secateurs

Niwaki 'Kurumi' secateurs

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This is our most beautiful pair of secateursfrom Niwaki. Use them on your most precious plants. Everything about them is just that little bit special, compared even to our other Niwaki secateurs. With walnut inlay handles, polished KA70 carbon steel, they have a wonderfully smooth cutting mechanism.  For heavy work, use a pair of loppers, not your precious Kurumi secateurs. Total length: 196mm long, 50mm blade, 229g. Made in Sanjo, Japan. Max cut 10mm

NOTE: Japanese steel is sharp and hard, but can also be brittle if it is abused. Cut only fresh wood and plants with these secateurs. Never twist them or use them on metal. Clean with Crean Mate, lubricate with camellia oil and sharpen with a #1000 sharpening stone when needed. C

Generally available in our Monkstown & Clare Street shops. This item can be shipped to any country in the EU.


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