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Niwaki 'Youshiki Gyuto' kitchen knife

Niwaki 'Youshiki Gyuto' kitchen knife

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Made by Niwaki in Japan, this is a classic kitchen knife or 'chef's knife', suitable as an all-round slicing and chopping knife. Excellent balance and weight. This is a little different to some Japanese kitchen knives in that it's made from stainless rather than carbon steel. This makes it more durable and somewhat tougher - more of an all-round kitchen knife, though we do not recommend using it for boning or butchery, which cam damage blades. Ideally it should be hand washed and dried, and sharpened when needed with a Niwaki combination stone with camellia oil. 180mm blade, 136g, hardwood laquered handles. (CS)

Generally available in our Monkstown & Clare Street shops. By placing an order for this item you agree that you are 18 years or older.

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