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Orchid compost, 5 litres

Orchid compost, 5 litres

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A range of specialist, peat-free composts from SyBotanica, developed to encourage healthy, beautiful indoor plants.

Orchids require a very different compost mix to most other houseplants. They are generally 'epiphytes', or plants that don't grow in soil. They prefer a mix that has plenty of aeration and space and almost no nutrients, similar to what they would have in the wild. This is a blend of fine orchid bark, sphagnum moss for humidity retention, coco husk for stability and activated carbon for its antibacterial and salt-absorbing properties. We generally have an extensive selection of orchids for sale in our Monkstown & Clare Street shops, as well as orchid pots and feeds. C

5 litre ziplock bags.

Generally but not always available in our Monkstown and Clare Street shops.

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