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Ronald Ossory Dunlop R.A., Dancing Trees

Ronald Ossory Dunlop R.A., Dancing Trees

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Ronald Ossory Dunlop (1894 - 1973) was an Irish landscape painter and writer who spent most of his life in England. He was a prolific author on the subject of art, as well as of 'how to paint' books. He exhibited widely for most of his life, and his work is now in the collections of the Tate Gallery, Crawford Gallery, Cork, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, the National Portrait Gallery and Victoria and Albert, London as well as numerous private collections.

From an artistic and cultured background, Dunlop grew up in the milieu of WB Yeats, George Russell and James Stephens. A founding member of the 'Emotionist' group of writers and a member of the London Group of artists from 1931, he exhibited with the Royal Academy in London and the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin in the 1940s and 1950s.

This painting depicts a woodland edge, grass in the foreground, with two 'dancing' or actively moving trees in the middleground.

53 x 45 cm, oil on canvas. Signed bottom left. Reframd in white box frame, unglazed. Reasonable condition.

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