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Howbert & Mays

Ruaidhri Bashford, Marantha

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Ruaidhri Bashford is Wicklow artist whos work focusses mainly on plants and wildlife. Trained as an artist and a horticulturist, Ruaidhri has taught landscape design, plant identification and worked as an illustrator for some of Ireland's top garden designers. He has also designed and created an award-winning garden in Bloom. As well as painting, he now works part time for Howbert & Mays. This lively painting of a Marantha  - know as the 'Prayer Plant' - shows the plant in its complex beauty. The leaves fold up at night as if two hands were coming together in prayer. It is for anyone who loves both plants and art, or who wants all the character and beauty of a house plant but maybe doesn't want the effort of looking after one. It's also a truly 'Howbert & Mays' painting, as plant, pot and artist are all from Howbert & Mays. Like most painting on this website, you can see it in our Clare Street premises.

Oill on canvas, 30 x 50cm (40 x 60 inc frame).