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Howbert & Mays

Signed R. O'Conor, Toy boats on a pond

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When we found this small painting at a house clearance sale, we were filled with excitement. It was grubby and poorly framed, but it did have the exciting signature 'R. O'Conor' in red on the bottom left. Our initial thought was that it was by the renowned Irish artist Roderic O'Conor. We fought off competition from others who thought the same thing, and now it's ours. It is painted on old canvas but has been remounted and glued to ew canvas. Skillfully painted in thick, almost three-dimensional oils. Colours are somewhat murky, but the sky and trees are full of movement.

We cannot claim that this is a Roderic O'Conor  - it could well be a fake. We do not know its provenance. On the other hand, we have had it beautifully re-framed, and it's an appealing small painting in its own right. Who knows - maybe it's the real thing.

Oil on canvas, 22 x 18cm.