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Howbert & Mays

Soil enricher / compost from green waste (1 cubic metre bag)

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Composted green waste made from garden refuse. Used to improve soil structure, prevent weeds and enrich soil. Delivery is €35 per truck delivery order, regardless of order size.

Improve soil structure by adding natural compost. It can be dug into soil or applied as a top-dressing. As it breaks down it adds organic matter, improves soil structure, increases microbial activity and stifles weeds. This leads to healthy, more fertile soil, in turn leading to lusher, more resilient plants. Use on ornamental or vegetable beds, or rotovate / dig into the soil when establishing a new garden. Made from screened and composted green waste. Peat free and 100% natural.

Not suitable as a potting compost. Please note, there can be small pieces of non organic material in the compost. Compost from green waste can lead to a bloom of mushrooms gowing on the surface. These are harmless and a sign that this is a natural, living product. One bulk bag contains +/- 1 cubic metre compost.

Please note: delivery can take up to one week from receipt of order. We can also deliver to your allotment. Delivery only in counties Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath. Orders from outside these counties will be cancelled and refunded.