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Soil Renew, certified organic soil improver

Soil Renew, certified organic soil improver

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Made from certified organic materials, Soil Renew is a soil improver comprised of tiny microrganisms. These feed the soil, improving darinage, aeration and accessibity to nutrients by plants. Should be used in any 'new' garden where soil has been compacted or recently spread. In Dublin (and other cities) soil may heve been mistreated, stored in huge piles, been deprived of organic matter of sprayed with harmful chemicals. This renders it almost 'dead' and lacking in vital microorganisms. Adding Soil Renew helps to restore its structure and fertility and breathes new life into the soil.

Used for revitalising tired, poorly-drained or compacted soil. It improves soil structure, moisture retention, root development, plant health and drought tolerance. A few pellets scattered onto your house plant compost is also beneficial. Suitable for lawns, flower beds and vegetable plots. Can be applied year-round. Once applied, it will continue to be effective for up to one year. Simply scatter the pellets loosely over the soil. No need to dig in. Certified organic. 

New: paper and cardboard packaging: Generally available in our Monkstown & Clare Street shops. NAtionwide shipping.

1.5kg box suitable for up to 30 square metres

3kg tub, suitable for up to 60 square metres.

10 kg suitable for approx 200 square metres.

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