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Top Buxus 'Health Mix' fertiliser against box blight (10 tablets)

Top Buxus 'Health Mix' fertiliser against box blight (10 tablets)

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TopBuxus 'Health Mix' has been developed specifically to protect box plants from box blight. Box blight is a fungal infection that causes the leaves of box plants to turn brown and fall off, and can cause box plants to die. It has been a nuisance in Irish gardens for several years, and luckily it is easily treated.

Top Buxus 'Health Mix' is a naturally based product that burns the fungal spores so that box plants can quickly re-grow healthy new foliage. It also prevents infection if used regularly, keeping plants healthy and more resistant to disease. Treat your box plants monthly from mid March until November.

Easy to use. Dissolve one tablet in one litre of water. Once fully dissolved, spray the foliage with a hand held or pressure sprayer. 1 litre is sufficient for approx 10 square metres of box.

Some tips to keep your box plants healthy and disease free:

  • Remove old or dead foliage from under your box plants.
  • Feed with TopBuxus 'Grow' or a seaweed-based fertiliser
  • Ensure plants are regularly watered, especially if kept in a pot. Ideally, plants will be watered from the base / at ground level.
  • Trim at least once per year, preferably before mid June. Do not trim in full sun as this can cause leaves to burn, resulting in brown leaves.

1 tub / 10 tablets is sufficient for approx 100 square metres of box.

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