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Top Buxus 'Grow' fertilser for box plants (500g)

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TopBuxus 'Grow' is a fast-acting fertiliser that has been specifically formulated to feed box plants. This will give them a rich, strong colour and keep them strong and healthy. Especially useful for box plants that are in pots and planters which can frequently be in need of additional nutrients.

Top Buxus 'Grow' is high in sulphur and other nutrients essential for rich, deep colour and sufficient vigour and health. It will help prevent yellow foliage, though it is not a treatement for Box Blight (for which you need 'Health Mix'). It should be sprinkled along the ground at the base of the plant in April, June and August. Do not sprinkle directly onto the foliage.

1 x 500g tub is sufficient for approx 10 square metres of box.

This item is generally available in our Monkstown and Clare Street shops.