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Howbert & Mays

'Rootzone' sand & soil mix for lawns

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'Rootzone' is a popular underlay for succesful, healthy lawns. If you are putting down a new roll out lawn / grass sods, a thin layer of this sand and soil mix enables quick establishment, firm surface and improved drainage. Approx 70% sand to 30% soil, it looks more like sand than soil. Used in golf course, tennis courts etc wheredurability is required. Use a thin layer, ie at a rate of approx 1 ton per 25-30 square metres. Spread over cultivated, firmed and level soil, using it to fill imperfections and to provide a firm and well-draining layer beneath the sod. Grass laid on a rootzone layer will need to be fed with a nitrogen-based fertiliser after approx 30 days while the roots establish. We recommend using organic based feeds which improve soil structure, drainage and root development, for naturally more durable lawns. Soil-based mixes should not be handled or walked on when wet.

Delivery only in the Dublin / Wicklow/ Kildare region. Orders from other counties will be cancelled and refunded. Delivery takes approximately one week from receipt of order.